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Smart Grid and Micro-grids: Challenges and Opportunities

The immense increase in the demand of electrical energy with the development of technology poses a challenge to both the production and distribution of electricity. Smart grid technologies provide a solution for better generation of electric power and an efficient way for transmission and distribution of this power. This topic will attempt to cover research gaps in the smart grid and microgrids domain and encourage scholars to solve technical difficulties and research gaps in this area. The goal is to concentrate on the most recent developments in smart grids and microgrids. The topics include but are not limited to:

  • smart grids and microgrids
  • cloud computing in Smart Grid
  • the design, modeling, control, and management of smart grids and microgrids
  • the modeling, planning, and operating of renewable energy resources in modern power systems
  • smart homes and building energy management
  • electricity market, electrical power, and energy systems
  • IoT for the concept of smart grids and microgrids
  • operation of energy storage systems and electric vehicles in smart grids
  • smart grid and microgrid reliability, security, sustainability, and flexibility
  • Micro-grids and integration of renewable resources
  • Microgrids integration, demand and energy management system
  • Smart Grid metering and communication
  • Smart grid enabling technologies


Edge Computing for Smart Grid: Applications and Challenges

Smart grids (SGs) are reforming towards utilizing massive data for operations and services. The smart grid has some problems, such as weak real-time performance of data sharing, weak flexibility of data acquisition and processing applications and low intelligence due to the infrastructure of information and communication system, which restricts the safe and stable operation of smart grid and the improvement of system service quality. Edge computing (EC), a novel computing paradigm innovation, has high potential to help with the digitization of SG. This Topic aims to collect original papers about the recent advance of edge computing technology applied to the smart grid. The topics include but are not limited to the following:

  •            Resource allocation and task scheduling at the edge of smart grid
  • ‚Äč           Integration framework of computing, communication, perception at the edge of smart grid
  •            Optimal control of microgrid system with distributed energy
  •            Analysis of user behavior characteristics at the edge of smart grid
  •            Resource allocation and task scheduling at the edge of smart grid
  •            Distributed intelligent transaction decision of multi-microgrid system
  •            Fault detection of equipment and network at the edge of smart grid
  •            Topology identification and line loss rate calculation of smart grid
  •            Demand response at the edge of smart grid
  •            Distributed cooperative optimal scheduling of multi-microgrid system