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SGCE 2024 Vol.13(1): 12-18
DOI: 10.12720/sgce.13.1.12-18

Analysis on the Value of Photovoltaic Power Plant Engineering Consultant under Constraint Conditions

Gang Li 1*, Zhaolin Wang 2, Xin Wang 1, Pingguo Zou 1, Xin Zhang 1, and Zhentao Zhang 1
1. Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China
2. CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
* Corresponding author. email: lg080278@126.com (G.L.)

Manuscript submitted August 10, 2023; revised September 28, 2023; accepted October 24, 2023; published February 20, 2024.

Abstract: The policy of “Grid-parity” keeps PV power plant and fossil energy power plant at the same bidding level, which is conducive to promoting the transformation of energy consumption to "low-carbon" development; At the same time, it also brings constraints on investment, quality, progress, technical standards, plant engineering consultant budget to the project construction. Taking constraint conditions as the evaluation criteria, the weight ranking of plant engineering consultant values of various PV power generation system equipment is analyzed by the analytic hierarchy process to determine the selection range of supervised equipment. The implementation of the selected scope of consulting services has promoted the realization of multiple objectives of the power station construction project, such as quality, progress and investment, and ensure investment income. It reflects the value of the conventional work of plant engineering consultant. In the 260MW “Grid-parity” fishery-solar complementary photovoltaic project, the value analysis method of plant engineering consultant under constraints was applied to calculate the economic value generated by engineering consultant up to 4.76 million RMB. In additional, based on various quality defects found during the supervision of PV power generation equipment, and based on rejected PV modules, important quality events related to main-transformers, and the detection results of hot-spot defects of PV modules in the whole station, the calculation method of economic value of plant engineering consultant is determined, which brings new ideas to the construction party in evaluating the effectiveness of plant engineering consultant.

Key words: Constraint condition, plant engineering consultant, photovoltaic power plant, gird-parity, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Cite: Gang Li, Zhaolin Wang, Xin Wang, Pingguo Zou, Xin Zhang, Zhentao Zhang, "Analysis on the Value of Photovoltaic Power Plant Engineering Consultant under Constraint Conditions," International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp.12-18, 2024. 

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