IJSGCE 2023 Vol.12(3): 73-80 DOI: 10.12720/sgce.12.3.73-80

Collaborative Assembly Sequence Planning (CASP) for On-site Assembly of a Photovoltaic Power Station Considering Data Analysis

Pedro Vélez-Aristizabal*, Gilberto Osorio-Gómez

EAFIT University, Product Design Engineering Research Group, Medellín, Colombia
*Correspondence: pveleza@eafit.edu.co

International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, vol. 12, no. 3, 2023: pp. 73-80
Submitted August 19, 2022; revised January 18, 2023; accepted March 10, 2023; published July 3, 2023.

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Assembly Sequence Planning (ASP) plays a fundamental role in estimating assembly resources since having a precise and identified amount of associated data will provide a more approximate vision of the on-site assembly and commissioning of the product. This would allow for optimal assembly work and cost reduction through better use of resources such as time, personnel, and equipment. Expert staff usually carry out ASP, making decisions based on experience and previous knowledge of the product and the manufacturing context. This article presents a collaborative procedure for the generation of assembly sequences of a case study of a renewable energy project through geometrical reasoning and logical reasoning with information related to sub-assemblies, constraints, limitations, and information on the precedence of sub-components. This approach allows for determining how this information influences the designation of resources (human and machinery) and cost and time estimation associated with each assembly task.

Assembly, assembly sequence planning, solar charging station, metadata, renewable energy

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