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Simulation and research on control methods for the secondary system of civil nuclear power ship

Author(s): Xiong Zheng, Li Xu, Yang Fang, Junting Fang

School of Energy and Power Engineering
Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China
International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, vol. 10, no. 1, January 2021: pp.44-50
ISSN: 2315-4462 (Print)
ISSN: 2373-3594 (Online)
Digital Object Identifier: 10.12720/sgce.10.1.44-50

Abstract: Secondary system, also known as steam power system, is an important part of the pressurized-water reactor nuclear power plant for ships. It’s an effective method to improve reliability and operating safety of secondary system that researching on control methods for the secondary system of civil nuclear power ship. In this paper, the secondary loop system of civil nuclear power ship is taken as the research object, and the mathematical model of the concentrated parameter of steam generator is established.These mathematical models of secondary system are simulated in Simulink platform. The correctness of these mathematical models are verified by dynamic characteristics for each device under different conditions. The steam generator liquid level control system was designed by PID control method. Through the research on the system control method in the second loop, optimizing the automatic control degree of the second loop system is of great significance for improving the ease of use and safety of the nuclear power plant on civil ships.

Keywords: civil ship, nuclear power, secondary system, PID control metho
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