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Special Session on Wind Power Plants' Role in Active Power Control

Prospective Wind energy is currently the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the world, with exponential growth in demand for the wind engineering. The wind turbine control systems play an important role in the wind turbine design and deployment. Traditional wind turbine control systems are focused on maximizing the wind energy production. With increasing penetration of the wind power plants, there is a need in wind power plants/turbines to control the active power in order to maintain the power system stability and also their active role in effective control of frequency (i.e. frequency regulation) of the grid. This capability can be very useful to the power system network operators and also these techniques can be beneficial for wind power plant operators by developing some type of supplementary market. The Special Session on Wind Power Plants' Role in Active Power Control will provide the comprehensive knowledge on how to control the active power through the grid injected power of the wind power plants and frequency regulation. It will also discuss the possibility of implementation of supplementary market for such type of regulation capabilities, as it could increase the economic feasibility of the wind power plants.

All manuscripts submitted to the Special Session (please mark the submission with WPR) will be peer reviewed, organized by Prof. Mohan Kolhe, and all accepted papers will be published by International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy (ISSN: 2315-4462; http://www.ijsgce.com).

Special Session Chair: Prof. Mohan Kolhe, Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Agder, Norway

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers via email: ijsgce@etpub.com