Optimal sizing of a networked microgrid using Nash equilibrium for mount magnet

Author(s): Liaqat Ali a*, Hamed Bizhani b, S. M. Muyeen a, Arindam Ghosh a
a School of Electrical Engineering Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
b School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran
International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, vol. 9, no. 1, January 2020: pp. 82-90
ISSN: 2315-4462 (Print)
ISSN: 2373-3594 (Online)
Digital Object Identifier: 10.12720/sgce.9.1.82-90

Abstract: In this paper, a technique of game theory is proposed based on a multi-objective imperialistic competition algorithm (ICA) for system optimization in order to design a networked microgrid in grid-connected mode. The selected networked microgrid, which consists of two different grid-connected microgrids with common load and grid, might have different combinations of generation resources including wind turbine, photovoltaic panels and batteries. To perform the effective sizing of networked microgrid, a Nash equilibrium based game theory is developed in which the rating of the generation systems is considered as players and annual profit as payoff. Moreover, in order to meet the equilibrium point and find the optimum sizes of generation resources in different coalitions between players, ICA, which is being frequently used in optimization applications, is implemented using MATLAB software. Finally, in order to validate the results, the sensitivity analysis is studied to examine the impact of electricity price and discount rates.

Keywords: Game theory, Nash equilibrium, photovoltaic panel, storage battery, wind turbine
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