Coordinated planning of micro energy grid based on dynamic radial basis function model

Abstract: The micro energy grid (MEG) couples a variety of energy sources and conducts multi-dimensional coordinated management and distribution of various types of energy, such as cooling, heating and electrical energy, which is a concrete realization of the energy internet in the region. The research on the coordinated planning of the MEG is the key to the economic and reliable operation of the MEG. This paper proposes an MEG coordinated planning method based on dynamic radial basis function (DRBF) model. An MEG model considering the operational characteristics and economics of energy supply devices is established, and the DRBF model planning strategy is proposed in combination with the Latin hypercube sampling method to solve the optimal planning. The effectiveness of the established model and the solution method is verified by simulation. The proposed method can obtain reasonable devices’ configuration and optimal operation scheme simultaneously, and improve the energy efficiency.

Keywords: micro energy grid, radial basis function, coordinated planning, configuration

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