Spectral analysis of voltages and currents during different modes of ferroresonance in switchgear

Author(s): Zaipatimah Alia,b*, Vladimir Terzijab
a Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Jalan IKRAM UNITEN, Kajang, 43000 Selangor, Malaysia
b The University of Manchester, Sackville Street, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom
International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, vol. 3, no. 2, April 2014: pp. 214-220
ISSN: 2315-4462 (Print)
ISSN: 2373-3594 (Online)
Digital Object Identifier: 10.12720/sgce.3.2.214-220

Abstract: This paper presents a spectral analysis of three different modes of ferroresonance. Voltage and current signals of the fundamental, subharmonic and chaotic ferroresonance modes are processed. The signals are obtained by modeling a ferroresonance circuit in alternative transient program-electro magnetic transient program (ATP-EMTP). The magnitude spectrum and total harmonic distortion are calculated for each case. The results show that voltages and currents of different modes of ferroresonance produce different features, which may be used for ferroresonance identification, classification and mitigation in the future.

Keywords: Feature extraction, ferroresonance, spectral analysis, total harmonic distortion

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