An efficient tie-line ATC calculation method with N-1 contingencies

Author(s): Yuta Ohsakia, Masashi Hitosugia, Shinichi Iwamotoa*, Hideo Hosogoeb, Mitsuhiro Matsumotob
a Waseda University, 3-4-1 Ohkubo Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8555, Japan
b Tohoku Electric Power Company,1-7-1 Aoba Sendai, Miyagi 980-8550, Japan
International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy, vol. 3, no. 2, April 2014: pp. 179-185
ISSN: 2315-4462 (Print)
ISSN: 2373-3594 (Online)
Digital Object Identifier: 10.12720/sgce.3.2.179-185

Abstract: Recently, in the process of deregulation, the fast evaluation of accurate ATC (available transfer capability) of tie-lines has become a more important problem from the viewpoint of the effective use of networks. Therefore, we propose a smart efficient calculation method for ATC with transient stability constraints. In this paper, first we focus our attention on characteristics of ATC and reduce the calculation time drastically by it. Second, we propose a new index for finding critical cases quickly using a transient energy function, and also propose a smart efficient ATC calculation method by using the relationship between an increment of generator outputs and CCTs (critical clearing times). CCT is calculated by the trial and error method. Finally, we compare an estimated ATC with ATC at the tie-line fault case. We confirm the validity of the proposed method by running simulations using an IEEJ EAST 10 machine 47 bus system.

Keywords: Power system, transient stability, available transfer capability, transient energy, critical clearing time

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